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The California High Speed Rail Network

Imagine… the day when you can travel from downtown SF to downtown LA in 2.5 hours, without ever leaving the ground.
Imagine… the economic boost to California with the creation of thousands of new jobs.
Imagine… our freeways less congested, our reliance on foreign oil greatly reduced.
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When Will I See High-Speed Rail?

  • Los Angeles – Anaheim: Jan 2018
  • Los Angeles – Palmdale: Jun 2019
  • Palmdale – Bakersfield: Jun 2019
  • Bakersfield – Merced: Dec 2018
  • Merced – San Jose: Sep 2019
  • San Jose – San Fran: Mar 2019
  • Sacramento – Merced: Mar 2020
  • Los Angeles – San Diego: Mar 2021
  • Altamont – Dec. 2020

(Source: CAHSRA)

Top Policy Priorities

  1. Explore, propose, and support strategies to accelerate construction of the Bakersfield-Palmdale Section.
  2. Build support for HSR in Bakersfield (and Kern County).
  3. Monitor implementation of early investments in the bookends to ensure they are consistent with the statewide HSR program (esp. Caltrain Electrification).
  4. Explore, propose, and support strategies to accelerate construction of the tunnel to the new Transbay Transit Center
  5. Monitor the planning process for the redesign of Los Angeles Union Station to ensure it will accommodate HSR efficiently.


Top Education/Outreach Priorities

  1. Continue to educate the public about the benefits of HSR and debunk opponent lies and distortions.
  2. Expand stakeholder outreach efforts.
  3. Organize several educational forums on key topics regarding California’s HSR project.
  4. Increase the frequency of e-mail communications, including the restructuring of The High-Speed Rail Advocate e-newsletter so it is shorter and more frequent.
  5. Initiate a quarterly print newsletter (funding permitting).

-(Source: CAHSRA)

Latest Campaigns:

  • CA4HSR urges all supporters to contact their California state representatives at Stand Up For Trains, our newly launched coaltion action site. The key to moving the high-speed rail project forward right now is to convince skeptical state lawmakers to supporting high-speed rail by fully funding it in the 2012-13 budget.

Local Advocacy Teams:

Read about our 10 Local Advocacy Teams which are advocating for HSR around the state. These teams are organized by the 10 environmental studies currently being conducted by the California High Speed Rail Authority.

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High Speed Rail News From Yahoo CAHSR News Group (Note: site no longer being updated, but a good source for archived articles prior to 2011).