Board of Directors

Troy Hightower, President
Andy Likuski, Secretary
Andrew Sullivan, Treasurer

Troy Hightower is a firm believer that the HSR system is essential to meet the future transportation needs of California. His company TDH Associates International has been involved with renewable energy and transportation related projects worldwide since 1986. The train is his preferred method to travel throughout the state of California

In addition, he has had the opportunity to ride the French TGV while he was completed is Masters in Industrial Engineering at Marseille Polytechnique. Based in Bakersfield, CA he has been working closely with CalState University Bakersfield and Kern County to support the HSR Initial Construction Section in the Central Valley.


Andy Likuski thinks that most cities and towns in the state should be served by local and regional electric train systems that are united by high speed rail. Add in mixed-use urban streets that primarily serve pedestrians, bikes, and surface rail, and California can provide a high quality of life that stops sprawl and protects nature and agriculture. Andy started professional life as a software developer with a computer science engineering degree from UC Davis. Andy formerly led software development at Calthorpe Analytics and now works independently, consulting and advising on a variety of urban planning technology projects.


Andrew Sullivan is a regular Caltrain, BART and Muni commuter who has dedicated many years to the cause of better mass transit, including over a decade as the chair of Rescue Muni, San Francisco’s transit riders’ association. In 1999, with Andrew as Chair, Rescue Muni was the lead sponsor of Proposition E, which created the Municipal Transportation Agency and established dedicated funding and strong service standards for the Municipal Railway as well as San Francisco’s parking and traffic agency. Andrew lives in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco and looks forward to riding High Speed Rail to LA and beyond.