Board of Directors

George Chilson, Chairman
Daniel Krause, Co-Founder, Executive Director & President
Dennis Lytton, Vice President & Spokesperson
Ryan Stern, Treasurer
Andy Likuski, Secretary
Troy Hightower, Board Member
Larry Scott, Board Member

George Chilson is Chairman of Californians for High Speed Rail. George passionately believes that our planned state-of-the art, high-speed rail system is essential to California’s – and our nation’s – future. Because of this belief, he embraced the opportunity to lead Californians for High Speed Rail as its Chairman. This new responsibility continues 14 years of dedication to making the dream of modern passenger train service a reality in America.

George became involved with rail advocacy when members of National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) from Arizona and New Mexico elected him to the board of directors. NARP is the country’s largest citizen-based organization working to improve America’s mobility, prosperity and quality of life though the modernization and expansion of our national passenger train system. He was subsequently elected vice president, president and chairman of the board. During that time, he led a major restructuring of the organization’s governance and planning; increased its credibility, visibility and effectiveness; conducted extensive research, authored numerous white papers and addressed public meetings around the country.

Prior to that, his career spanned 35 years in the private sector – starting in the corporate world and finishing as a business owner. He advanced through marketing positions at General Mills in Minneapolis, the MJB Company in San Francisco and Plus Products in Los Angeles. He owned and managed ventures in the multi-family housing industry in Texas and the hospitality industry in Florida. He served as a volunteer, director and officer of numerous non-profit organizations. He has a record of accomplishment in inspiring creativity, innovation and change.

He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Princeton University in 1963 and a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Stanford University in 1965. He served as an intelligence officer in the US Navy Reserve. Born in Kingston, New York, he now lives in San Diego.

Daniel Krause is Co-Founder, Executive Director, and President of Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR). Daniel passionately believes that high speed rail is the foundation of building a sustainable society. He believes that with a core system of high speed rail in place, new transit systems will quickly develop to connect to the system, and transit-oriented development will become the standard development patterns. Therefore, he has dedicated much of his time to ensure that the high speed rail system will get developed in California.

Daniel has extensive experience in advocating for the improvement of all types of public transportation with a focus on rail transit. He has served for five years as the Managing Director of Rescue Muni, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that focuses on public transportation. While working with Rescue Muni, Daniel’s main focus has been on improving the Central Subway project in San Francisco. An urban planner by nature and training, he is also founder and president of Public Vision Research, LLC, a San Francisco-based consulting firm. Daniel holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from  San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Land-Use Planning from University of California, Santa Cruz.

Dennis Lytton  is the Vice President and Spokesperson of Californians for High Speed Rail and has been an advocate for more passenger trains for many years now. Dennis is on the council of the National Association of Railroad Passengers where he advocates on Capitol Hill for more passenger trains and a sustainable transportation future for this country. He has had articles supporting passenger trains published in newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and is a contributor to the California High Speed Rail blog. After several years at Los Angeles Metro Rail as an operations manager Dennis is now working on his master’s degree at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC.

As graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Dennis first started to think about trains and public policy taking the bus around LA and the train home to Orange County. He looks forward to a California where commuter and intercity rail, local rail transit systems like BART, MUNI, LA Metro, and the San Diego Trolley along with buses, bikeways, and sustainable development practices are seamlessly connected by high-speed rail.


Ryan Stern, CA4hsr PresidentRyan Stern is Treasurer of Californians for High Speed Rail. Ryan is a long-time advocate of passenger train travel and considers California’s High Speed Rail project to be the most transformative mobility opportunity of his generation. His vision of an efficiently moving California centers on having a fast, convenient, and interconnected passenger rail network, in which the reach of local and regional services is leveraged by High Speed Rail to bring travelers, along with countless new business opportunities, to destinations all across the state.

Residing in Downtown Los Angeles, Ryan often takes his bicycle aboard Metrolink for an up-close view of the future High Speed Rail corridor along the Los Angeles River during his daily commute to Burbank, where he works as a full-time motion picture sound engineer. An active citizen-participant in various transportation projects in Southern California, Ryan also volunteers at the national level as a council member for the National Association of Railroad Passengers [] and spends occasional weekends helping to preserve a window into railroading’s past at a historic branch line operating in Ventura County.

Andy Likuski thinks that most cities and towns in the state should be served by local and regional electric train systems that are united by high speed rail. Add in mixed-use urban streets that primarily serve pedestrians, bikes, and surface rail, and California can provide a high quality of life throughout that stops sprawl and protects nature and agriculture. Andy started professional life as a software developer with a computer science engineering degree from UC Davis. He recently completed a masters in urban planning at Tufts University and now combines his two professions to perform future land-use scenario modeling for Calthorpe Associates in Berkeley. Andy acts as secretary for CA4HSR and helps write and manage their software.


Troy Hightower is a firm believer that the HSR system is essential to meet the future transportation needs of California. His company TDH Associates International has been involved with renewable energy and transportation related projects worldwide since 1986. The train is his preferred method to travel throughout the state of California

In addition, he has had the opportunity to ride the French TGV while he was completed is Masters in Industrial Engineering at Marseille Polytechnique. Based in Bakersfield, CA he has been working closely with CalState University Bakersfield and Kern County to support the HSR Initial Construction Section in the Central Valley.

Larry Scott (bio forthcoming)