Mission Statement

To establish CA4HSR as the committed collective voice of pro-HSR Californians as we advocate for the state’s successful construction of a viable, sustainable and passenger-friendly high speed rail system.

Californians for High Speed Rail (CA4HSR) believes that high speed rail is essential to meeting the needs of 21st century California.  Our support for high speed rail is based on its ability to provide an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral, energy independent, high-capacity form of transportation to meet our state’s travel needs.  We also believe high speed rail is a necessary element of our economic recovery by creating jobs, providing affordable transportation choices, and generating a green dividend that will enable new growth and prosperity.

High speed rail is a fundamental piece of a broader, sustainable transportation network. To that end, we support developing and improving feeder mass transit systems, including other forms of passenger rail, to provide intermodal same-station connections to high speed trains.

We also recognize that high speed rail ought to be a key element in reshaping California’s cities and suburbs and our view of ourselves as a state. It will provide affordable and convenient same day travel to over 80% of Californians, bringing us together as never before. The high speed rail stations will be critical centers for expanded local transit systems and building walkable urban neighborhoods. We believe high speed rail stations should be built in city centers, surrounded by transit-oriented development, in ways that are appropriate to the surrounding landscape. These will provide economic development and urban living opportunities for the millions of Californians that seek a more sustainable urban lifestyle.

In order to achieve the above goals, Californians for High Speed Rail promotes public education, organizing and activism, and legislative advocacy in support of a proper implementation of the will of the voters. We provide grassroots oversight of the project at all levels of government.

Our members make our work effective.  Please consider supporting Californians for High Speed Rail by signing up as a member and making a small contribution as an investment in making high speed rail a part of California’s future.