Never underestimate the difference you can make.  Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR) provides many opportunities to get involved in advocating for the California High Speed Rail (CHSR) project.

  • Action Alerts: For action that needs to happen fast, please follow our Action Alerts page (action alerts are also e-mailed to members).
  • Write A Letter: For ongoing support of the CHSR project, check out our Write A Letter page for letter templates and information on your local representatives.
  • Local Advocacy Teams: To get involved at a higher level, consider joining one of our 10 Local Advocacy Teams.  These teams consist of boots-on-the-ground members who attend meetings, feed information, and help develop and represent the local policy of the Californians For High Speed Rail.
  • Campaigns: Alternatively, get involved in one of our local or statewide Campaigns, which is focused action for a specific period of time around a specific issue or set of issues. If you like to follow or get involved with our state and federal lobbying activities, click on our Legislative Monitor page.  You can also learn more about the advocacy we have already done through the “Letters Written” and “Op-Eds” pages.
  • Attend Meetings: Finally, if you are interested in attending a meeting, please check our Calendar page.

This section also contains a Policy page, which lays out the official policies of the organization; a Legislative Monitor page, which tracks Federal and State bills that affect the CA High Speed Rail project in some way; a Letters Written page, which provides an archive of all letters submited by CA4HSR to political representatative and governmental offiicals; and a Guest Editorials/Letters to the Editor page, which provides an archive of contribtution to newspapers and other media sources by members of CA4HSR.