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Update: Please note, this action alert is no longer active. The letters have already been submitted.

CA4HSR believes in the strength of our collective voice and asks your help in signing the “Fight for HSR” letter addressed to the California State Senate Transportation Committee. We will deliver this letter along with your online signatures and comments (optional).

Dear Senators:

We write to ask you to uphold the will of the voters and get high speed rail built for California. In 2008 a majority of Californians approved high speed rail via Prop 1A because we believed that the planned high speed rail system is critical to the economic future and quality of life for all Californians. Unfortunately some of those who opposed Prop 1A have spent the past year spreading misinformation about high speed rail and trying to create the impression that communities across the state oppose it. We expect you to reject these efforts as being unrepresentative of the true views of California voters.

We continue to support high speed rail and expect you to provide strong leadership by helping the high speed rail project quickly move toward construction and operation. Many elements of project planning need to be completed, and an effective organizational structure must be created to oversee this multi-billion dollar bidding and construction project. We ask you to use your oversight role to help the Authority build up capacity to manage such a large undertaking. With the immediate need for job creation, and the looming threat of rising oil prices and global warming, the economic future of our state is dependent on the success of the California high speed rail project.

We ask you to pledge to work together with the California High Speed Rail Authority, communities across the state, and supporters like us to implement the will of the voters and build high speed rail consistent with the provisions of Prop 1A.

Californians For High Speed Rail
and pro-HSR supporters


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