Federal Funding for California High Speed Rail

If there’s one thing California high speed rail cannot live without, it’s federal funding.

That’s why Californians For High Speed Rail has joined a national coalition of rail advocates to launch a campaign to secure $4 billion in HSR funding in 2011. Our coalition is working hard to build momentum and grassroots to support the $4 billion in funding for high-speed rail for 2011, and to fully fund Amtrak.

Today, HSR supporters across America are launching our campaign to win the $4 billion in federal funding. You can help by clicking here to tell Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, as well as your own Representative, that you want them to support $4 billion for HSR in 2011:

Earlier this month, over 100 members of the US House of Representatives — including many of California’s representatives — wrote to President Obama asking him to help pass $50 billion in high-speed rail funding in the transportation reauthorization bill that is beginning to move through Congress.

However, those funds will only begin to benefit high-speed rail starting in 2012. We still need federal funding for high-speed rail in 2011.

California HSR planners believe we need about $1.5 billion from Congress every year until 2020 if we are to finish the San Francisco to Anaheim route. If Congress budgets $4 billion for HSR in 2011, California stands a very good chance to get a significant portion of that money, and keep our project on track.

We need to get Congress’s attention today. If they see a nationwide outpouring of support for $4 billion in HSR funding, they’re much more likely to approve it. And we will build momentum and Congressional support for the fight later this year to win that $50 billion for HSR in the transportation bill.

That’s why we hope you’ll join us in writing to our Senators and your representative today in support of $4 billion for high speed rail in 2011:

Once you’ve signed, can you forward this email to 5 family members and friends so we can help build public support? Thanks!

Californians For High Speed Rail