Bakersfield<-->Palmdale Local Advocacy Team Page

The Bakersfield <–> Palmdale section will be approximately 84 miles long and will cross the Mojave Desert and through the Tehachapi Mountains on its way to the Central Valley and the Bay Area.  It will likely prove to be the most difficult to construct from an engineering standpoint as it must pass through the rugged Tehachapi Pass.  At present, no passenger rail service exists that serves this corridor due to heavy freight congestion within the Tehachapi Pass.  With this, the Bakersfield <–> Palmdale segment will also be one of the most symbolic sections upon completion as it’ll be the first passenger rail service to unite Northern and Southern California in more than 40 years; aside from Amtrak’s Coast Starlight of course.

(Written by Michael Gimbel, with data sourced from CAHSR Authority)