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About the Los Angeles-Irvine/Anaheim section

The Los Angeles-Anaheim section of the California High-Speed Rail system includes three stations: Los Angeles Union Station, Norwalk, and Anaheim . (At this time, Fullerton Station is still considered an option)  Each station will include a connection to the Metrolink commuter rail system. Each will also include connections to Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner, with the exception of Norwalk.

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (the terminus of the CAHSR) is also planned to be served by a fixed-guideway system that’ll connect the station to destinations such as the Anaheim Convention Center and the Disneyland Resort.  This section encompasses approximately 29 miles and will serve as an essential connector between Los Angeles and Orange Counties .  Given that this section of the high-speed rail system will be the only station to serve Orange County ’s 3 million people, it’ll serve as an important connection, both for commuter and inter-city travelers.  As it parallels the congested I-5 freeway, the Los Angeles to Palmdale section is likely to see an influx of commuters who live in Orange County and work in Downtown, given high-speed rail’s convenience and jaw-dropping 20-minute travel time.

During rush hour, the same commute can take up to two hours, if not longer.  With the addition of high-speed rail, Los Angeles and Anaheim will be drawn closer together, encouraging further growth and development throughout both counties.

(Written by Michael Gimbel, with data sourced from CAHSR Authority)