Developing policy related to the high speed rail (HSR) project is one of the main activities of Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR). This section provides several links to documents that enumerate our policies. Our Policy Framework contains general policies that represent precepts  we believe should always be applied to the decision-making process related to the development and implementation of the HSR project. Additionally, the Framework serves as a guide for the development of CA4HSR’s more specific policies that are tied to aspects of the HSR project. These specific policies are organized by the 10 sections being studied by the California High Speed Rail Authority. As a result, these documents are refered to as section-specific policy statements.

Please check back frequently as all policy documents, especially the section-specific policy statements, will continue to evolve and change as the environmental review process moves forward.

Policy Framework

Section-Specific Policy Statements



Los Angeles-to-San Diego

Altamont Corridor Rail

Policy statements for the remaining six sections are currenlty under development and will be posted as completed.