Write A Letter

Sending a letter to your local, state, and federal representatives is an effective way to make your voice heard. Another effective way to be heard is to write a guest editorial or letter to the editor to your local newspaper(s).

Below we have provided links to find your Federal and State representatives. To find out more about bills related to high speed rail in California, and sample letter that gives a basic structure of how to write effective letters.

Letters can usually be submitted via fax, mail, or e-mail. Faxes are generally the quickest and most effective method for submitting your letter to your representatives. E-mail is generally the least effective method of communicating with your representatives. It may, however, be an excellent means of communicating with the staff of your representative. It’s a good idea to check with staff in both the local field office(s) and the Sacramento/Washington office to understand the best way to communicate with a particular representative.

Find Your Representatives

For a list of your Federal Congressional representatives, click on this link and proceed to enter your zip code.

For a list of your State Legislative Representatives, click on this link and proceed to enter your zip code.

Get Information on State and Federal Bills

If you want to read about State and Federal legislation that Californians For High Speed Rail is working on, click on our Legislative Monitor page of federal and state bills related high speed rail.  In addition to our analysis and positions for each bill being monitored, this page also contains links to the full text of each bill.

Sample Letter to Your Federal or State Representative

Letters limited to one page are usually more effective than longer letters. Also, state the purpose of the letter in a subject line and also describe your position in the first part of the letter.

Letters to representatives typically are structured as follows:
Honorable [name of representative]
House of Representative [or U.S. Senate/California Assembly/California State Senate]
State Capitol, Room [# here]
Sacramento, CA 94815
Re: [bill number] – [SUPPORT or OPPOSE]

Dear [Representative/Senator/Assemblymember] [Name here]:
This letter is in reference to [Congressional/Assembly Bill/Senate Bill] [bill number], which is scheduled to be heard in [your committee/ the Assembly / the Senate] soon [or on a particular date, if you know].
This bill would have the following effect on the California High Speed Rail project: (this paragraph should expand on issues related to bill).
Thank you for talking the time to review my concerns on this piece of legislation. After this bill comes up for a vote, I would appreciate being informed as to how you voted and why. I am available to answer questions or provide testimony on this important issue.

(Your Name)
(Phone Number)

Writing Guest Editorials and Letters to the Editor

We encourage our members and others who support the HSR project to write Guest Editorials and letters to the editor. For example, see guest editorials and letters to the editor written by Californians For High Speed Rail staff and members here.  Opponents of high speed rail frequently write letters to the editor or Op-Eds, so it necessary that Californians For High Speed Rail contribute in equal measure in the media as to the benefits of high speed rail and correcting any distortions of facts that opponents often employ.

For points to include in your letter, guest editorial, or letters to the editor, see our Benefits page and the Facts v. Myths page.