• The proposed train system, as described and funded by Prop 1A, will be a groundbreaking success.  Travel in California will be redefined.  We look forward to the day when getting from Los Angeles and San Francisco  takes just two-and-the-half-hours.  A day trip across the state will be possible without reservations or security check lines.  San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Palmdale, Bakersfield, Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco – these will become destinations reachable within hours.
  • California’s network will provide huge economic, environmental, and societal benefits for California and will be a catalyst for transforming transportation and development policy across the state and the nation.
  • The train system will create a backbone system of renewable, carbon-free, transportation system. The high speed train stations across the state will offer cities the opportunity to develop sustainable and prosperous city centers that anchor local transit systems and economies.

Our dedicated group of California residents are working hard to help make high speed rail a reality.   Join our worthy cause at “become a member.”