CA4HSR In The News

CA4HSR in the News

Oct. 23, 2012High Speed Rail in the Valley, Central Valley Air Quality Coalition. Daniel Krause of CA4HSR interviewed.

July 26, 2012: State’s High Speed Rail Authority publishes revised plans, Visalia Times-Delta. Daniel Krause of CA4HSR quoted.

July 14, 2012High Speed Rail System Proposed in California, CCTV Biz Asia America. Matt Melzer of CA4HSR interviewed

July 10, 2012High-Speed Rail: Full Speed Ahead?, KQED Forum with Michael Krasny. Daniel Krause of CA4HSR interviewed

July 7, 2012High-speed rail decision: LA reacts, ABC TV Los Angeles. Dennis Lytton of CA4HSR interviewed

July 6, 2012California Assembly Approves High-Speed Rail Spending, NBC Southern California. op-ed by Dennis Lytton of CA4HSR interviewed

July 4, 2012High-speed rail boosts economy, San Bernadino Sun. Dennis Lytton of CA4HSR interviewed

June 30, 2012Krause: High-speed rail will bolster economy, budget, Venture County Star. op-ed by Daniel Krause of CA4HSR

June 26, 2012High-speed rail ‘Plan B’ would limit Valley line, Fresno Bee, CA4HSR mentioned in story.

June 26, 2012High-speed rail funding shift toutedHandford Sentinel. CA4HSR quoted in story.

June 24, 2012Global vision of bullet trains, Silicon Valley Mercury News. CA4HSR quoted in story.

April 2, 2012: Putting high-speed rail on fast track may just slow down train, San Francisco Examiner. CA4HSR quoted in story.

Mar 29, 2012The New Plan for California’s High Speed Rail Project: Faster, Smarter, Cheaper — and Legal,  The California Majority Report.  Article Co-written by Daniel Krause and Steven Maviglio.

Mar 17, 2012High-speed planners focus on running trains to L.A. before Bay Area, Bakersfield Californian. Daniel Krause of CA4HSR quoted several times.

Mar 14, 2012High-speed rail gets strong support at Senate hearing, California Majority Report. Article about CA4HSR’s participation in a press conference with long quote from Daniel Krause.

Mar 07, 2012What is the future of rail in California if high-speed rail does not proceed in 2012California Progress Report. Article by Daniel Krause, originally published in The High-Speed Rail Advocate.

Mar 1, 2012Rebooting High Speed Rail, Sacramento News & Review. Daniel Krause of CA4HSR quoted several times.

Dec 23, 2011: FOX News. CA4HSR quoted in television broadcast news story “Poll: Californians Sour on High-speed Rail”

Nov 16, 2011: San Mateo Daily Journal. CA4HSR quoted in story “High-speed rail: Now or later?”

Nov 01, 2011: 89.3 KPCC. CA4HSR Interviewed on National Public Radio affiliate Larry Mantle’s AirTalk show in response to release of latest business plan.

Sep 22, 2011: KERO 23. CA4HSR quoted in television broadcast news story “California High Speed Rail Authority Hears From Public.”

Sep 20, 2011: ABC 30. CA4HSR quoted in television broadcast news story “High Speed Rail supporters, opponents sound off.”

Sep 19, 2011: Central Valley Business Times. CA4HSR quoted in story “High-speed rail holds public hearing in Fresno.”

July 17, 2011: San Franciso Examiner. CA4HSR quoted in story “If high-speed rail never happens, Transbay center will be a bus stop.”

July 13, 2011: San Franciso Examiner. CA4HSR quoted in story “Peninsula speed restrictions could push high-speed rail to San Francisco off fast pace”.

July 9, 2011Bakersfield Californian. Daniel Krause, CA4HSR executive director, discuss the depature of public relations firm Oligvy public relations from the CA HSR project.

May 25, 2011Sacramento Bee. Daniel Krause, CA4HSR executive director, takes on the recommendations from the Legislative Analyst Office’s recommedations.

May 17, 2011Los Angeles Times. Ryan Stern, CA4HSR board member refutes the Times critique of starting HSR in the Central Valley.

May 13, 2011: Bakersfield Californian: CA4HSR’s Daniel Krause’s “HSR: A train to Somewhere” editorial.

May 10, 2011: Central Valley Business Times: CA4HSR’s Daniel Krause quoted in story “Problems could derail HSR in California.”

May 9, 2011: Redwood City Patch & Millbrae Patch: “Federal Funding Brings High-Speed Rail Closer.”

May 4, 2011: San Francisco Examiner: CA4HSR’s Daniel Krause quoted in story “Proposal could slow down high-speed rail in Peninsula.”

May, 2011: OC Insight, CalState Fullerton TV news channel. “California at Crossroads”

November 10, 2010: Marketplace, National Public Radio: CA4HSR’s Brian Stanke quoted in story on “How Viable is High-Speed Rail for California?”

October 28, 2010: Streetsblog San Francisco: CA4HSR’s Robert Cruickshank weighs in on US DOT announcement of federal funds for high-speed rail, of which $900 million will go to California.

October 26, 2010: Christian Science Monitor: CA4HSR’s Robert Cruickshank and Daniel Krause contributed to a CSM-hosted one-minute debate on how we can modernize American transportation.

July 9, 2010: San Jose Mercury News: CA4HSR’s Robert Cruickshank was quoted in this news story about Whitman and Brown’s positions on high speed rail.  Story also ran in Contra Costa Times, San Mateo County Times.

Apr 8, 2010: S.F. Street Blog Story on the Authority nixing two unpopular options for the construction of the HSR system. CA4HSR’s chair, Robert Cruickshank, is quoted in the story.

Jan 29, 2010: L.A. Street Blog:  Story on reactions to the $2.25 billion stimulus funding for high speed rail in California, including comments from Brian Stanke, our executive director.

Jan 28, 2010: The Press Enterprise: News story on reactions to the $2.25 billsion stimulus funding for high speed rail in California, including comments from Robert Cruickshank, chair of CA4HSR.

Jan 28, 2010: KSBW Action News:  Broadcast television news story on the federal stimulus boost California will receive to build HSR.  Robert Cruickshank, CA4HSR chair, is quoted in the strory.

Jan 28, 2010: Central Valley Business Times: News story on reactions to the $2.25 billion stimulus funding for high speed rail in California, including comments from Brian Stanke, our executive director.

Jan 26, 2010: SFistCalifornia High Speed Rail Advocates Fight Back.

Jan 25, 2010: San Jose Mercury News:  News story on CA4HSR’s launch of statewide grassroots effort to bring together supporters of high speed rail.   Several other papers such as Oakland Tribune, Vallejo Times-Herald, Whittier Daily News and Contra Costa Times also ran the story.

Jan 23, 2010: San Mateo County Times: Take that NIMBYs!  Pro High-Speed Rail Movement Picks Up Steam.  Story on how pro high speed rail movement is ramping up, and CA4HSR’s role in mobilizing grassroots participants.  Story also quotes our chair Robert Cruickshank and executive director Brian Stanke.

Jan 22, 2010:  Palo Alto Online: Article on HSR public hearing in Palo Alto.   HSR critics, who get much media play, are “for the first time, counterbalanced” by HSR supporters.   Our executive director Brian Stanke is quoted in the piece.

Jan 20, 2010: Central Valley Business Times: Article and audio interview with our executive director Brian Stanke… “Supporters really need to have an organized voice.”

Jan 19, 2010: San Francisco Examiner:  Article about CA4HSR stepping up grassroots advocacy.

Jan 19, 2010: San Francisco Business Times: Article about CA4HSR’s statewide grassroots effort.

Oct 19, 2009:  City Vision Radio: Our executive director, Brian Stanke, is guest speaker on radio show on California high speed rail, along with fellow guest speakers.  Click here to listen.

Jul 06, 2009: The Bakersfield California: High Speed Rail a Boon for California (Guest Editorial)

Feb 13, 2009: Beyond Chron: Support Transbay Box (Letter to the Editor)

Jan 31, 2006: San Jose Mercury News: Don’t Abandon High Speed Rail (Letter to the Editor)