CA4HSR Decries Details of “Plan B” as Unworkable

Idea Would Cut More Than 100 Track Miles in Central Valley, Killing Momentum Toward Building True High Speed Rail

San Francisco, CA, June 27, 2012 –  In response to additional details to a so-called “Plan B” to shift significant high-speed rail funding out of Central Valley as reported in a June 27 Fresno Bee article, Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR), a grassroots, statewide coalition of HSR supporters, issued the following statement:

“This idea for a so-called ‘Plan B’ is a non-starter. It has no realistic legitimacy due to federal restrictions that stipulate the creation of a robust full-speed high-speed rail infrastructure,” said Daniel Krause, executive director of Californians For High Speed Rail.

“The Plan B being floated would build a mere 28 miles of new track designated for high-speed rail, creating an orphan section of track in the Central Valley, killing all momentum toward building a true high-speed rail system. The current plan will build up to 130 miles of track, solidifying California’s commitment to true high-speed rail. It’s time to end the games and move forward on Governor Brown and the Authority’s plan to make high-speed rail a reality,” Krause added.

The Fresno Bee article reported that two large projects in the urban bookends are being floated to receive a bulk of the Central Valley funds – the tunnel to the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco and improvements to the Los Angeles Union Stations (including the run-through tracks south of the station).

“While the individual bookend projects being considered have merit on their own, Californians for High-Speed Rail believes that accelerating these projects at the expense of building a huge section of true HSR track is a shortsighted and irresponsible strategy,” said Krause.