Calls to Delay HSR Funding Decision Unwarranted

Much of Revised Business Plan Based on Lawmakers’ Input

San Francisco, CA, April 1, 2012 – In response to some legislators’ comments indicating they may attempt to delay the decision to fund the HSR project beyond the June 15 deadline, Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR), a grassroots, statewide coalition of HSR supporters, issued the following statement today:

“CA4HSR is very encouraged by what we are hearing about the forthcoming Revised Business Plan. We applaud the months of hard work by the Governor, the California High-Speed Rail Authority, and lawmakers to arrive at this watershed moment,” said Daniel Krause, executive director, Californians For High Speed Rail.

“As details emerge, it is clear that the High Speed Rail Authority’s revised business plan strongly represents the input of lawmakers around the state. As a result of addressing their concerns, the HSR project cost will be dramatically lowered and work will begin immediately to improve rail systems in the urban areas.”

According to Daniel Krause, “A core tenet of this plan – the blending of HSR and commuter rail – was an idea generated by Senator Simitian, along with Assemblymember Rich Gordon, and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo to reduce costs and impacts. As a result, the plan is much better because of this dialogue.

“Given the months of dialogue and negotiation with lawmakers, we are baffled by recent statements by Senators Joe Simitian and Mark DeSaulnier’s indicating a desire to delay the decision to fund HSR in the state budget.

“While certainly the details of the plan need to be reviewed, we strongly oppose any attempts to delay the HSR funding vote by Senators Simitian and DeSaulnier. These Senators have a deep knowledge of this plan as they helped to craft it. Pleading ignorance about a plan they have helped to create gives the impression they are playing politics with California’s future. We urge them to move forward without delay.”

About Californians For High Speed Rail

Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR) is a grassroots, statewide coalition of high speed rail supporters advocating for the high speed rail project approved by California voters in November 2008. Founded in 2005, we exist to educate, inform, and organize Californians about ways they can help make high speed rail a reality in the Golden State. Additionally, CA4HSR also encourages sustainable development of the high speed rail (HSR) system, promotes the building of HSR stations in city centers, transit-oriented developments, as well as developing/improving feeder transit systems. Visit us at: