Elected Officials, Labor Leaders, Environmental Advocates, Students and Workers to Join Press Conference in Support of High-Speed Rail

California High-Speed Rail Authority hearing to follow

On Tuesday, September 20th at 2:30pm, dozens of workers, elected officials, environmental experts, students, labor and business leaders will come together to express their support for the California high-speed rail project and the thousands of jobs it would create in the economically depressed Central Valley. The press conference will take place immediately prior to the California High-Speed Rail Authority hearing on its new environmental impact study.

The California high-speed rail project will create more than 160,000 construction jobs and an estimated 450,000 long-term jobs in maintenance, operations, supplies, services and related lines of work. At a time when many Central Valley communities are facing record unemployment, particularly in the construction sector, these jobs will set in motion a ripple effect across the region and the state, spurring economic growth and vitality.

High-speed rail will also improve access and increase the movement of people and goods throughout the Central Valley, drawing much-needed businesses and customers to Valley cities and rural communities. Over time, high-speed rail will ease traffic congestion, lessen pollution and create more vibrant communities.

Brian Stanke, Chairman, Californians for High Speed Rail
Daniel Krause, Executive Director, Californians for High Speed Rail
Henry Perea, Supervisor, District 3, Fresno County
Susan Anderson, Supervisor, District 2, Fresno County
Elizabeth Jonasson, Campaign and Outreach Associate, Coalition for Clean Air
Rick Phillips, District Representative, Operating Engineers local 3
Gary Lasky, Tehipite Chapter Vice-Chair, Sierra Club
Paul Herman, student representative from Fresno City College

WHAT: Press conference to support high-speed rail in Fresno, throughout the Central Valley and across the state.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 20th at 2:30pm (High-Speed Rail Authority hearing begins at 3pm)

WHERE: Fresno Convention Center – Kern Street entrance, Fresno

Contact: Sharon Sim-Krause (415) 420-1889
Rebecca Band (510) 663-4051