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July 2010 Issue 
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As our organization continues to ramp up, we have added another way of communicating with our members and supporters through our e-newsletter, The High Speed Rail Advocate. Instead of just reporting on HSR news, we will keep you updated on recent CA4HSR activities and offer perspectives on pertinent HSR issues.

The last few months have brought several important successes and new challenges to California's high speed rail planning. Capping years of efforts by Californians For High Speed Rail, final agreement was reached in April on the final design for the San Francisco Transbay Transit Center. The California High Speed Rail Authority's approval of a refined design for train box and approach clears the way for construction of phase 1 of the underground train station and the above ground to be built. The state's very first HSR project will be underway within a few months!

Challenges have also arisen with negative reports for both the State Legislative Analyst's and the Auditor's offices. Both reports read more

CA4HSR Highlights

 • Californians For High Speed Rail Campaigns to Ensure Caltrain's Electrification Project is High-Speed Rail Compatible
 • A New San Joaquin Valley Alternative for Consideration
 • Los Angeles to Palmdale Section Update
 • Optimistic Residents Eager to See What HSR will Mean for Potrero Hill, San Francisco

CA4HSR Builds Political Support
Californians For High Speed Rail Board Members Meet with Assemblymember Cathleen Gagliani
The entire CA4HSR board of directors met with Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani, a tireless advocate and leader of the CA HSR project, in San Jose on April 22. We discussed ways we could work together to move the CA HSR project forward, including coordinating efforts in Sacramento to ensure the HSR project is getting the reseources it needs. We were invited to meet with Assemblymember Galgiani and representatives read more

More Meetings
CA4HSR further met or conducted phone conference calls with the following legislators or their staffers in recent months: Senator Jenny Oropeza, Congressman Mike Honda, read more
CA4HSR Grassroots Efforts
Los Angeles-to-Anaheim Local Advocacy Team Kick-Off Meeting
On April 1st, CA4HSR conducted the first meeting of the Los Angles-to-Anaheim Local Advocacy Team in Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS) at the Union Bagel. Daniel Krause and Sharon Sim-Krause, CA4HSR board members organized the meeting read more

San Francisco to San Jose Local Advocacy Team Kickoff Meeting
On May 6, Californians For High Speed Rail held its first Local Advocacy Team meeting for the San Francisco to San Jose segment. Turnout was strong, reflecting the level of interest in High Speed Rail in High Speed Rail in the region. Board members Daniel Krause, Brian Stanke, Sharon Sim-Krause and Bianca Walser read more
CA4HSR Campaigns and Partners
CA4HSR Participates in the RailPAC/NARP Conference
On April 17th, Daniel Krause, CA4HSR board member, gave a read more

CA4HSR Joins Transportation For America
In May, CA4HSR signed on as a partner organization to Transportation read more

CA4HSR Partners with American High Speed Rail Alliance
CA4HSR recently partnered with Washington-DC based read more

CA4HSR Speaks at US HSR Conference in Los Angeles
On June 17th, CA4HSR board member and co-founder Daniel Krause spoke read more

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The High Speed Rail Advocate is the official newsletter of Californians For High Speed Rail (CA4HSR).

Editorial Committee: Sharon Sim-Krause, Brian Stanke, Daniel Krause, Bianca Walser
Contributors: Michael Gimbel, Evan Goldin
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As a non-profit group united by our passion to bring high speed rail to California, we rely on the help of like-minded volunteers to carry out our mission. We welcome article ideas, submissions and donations from our members and supporters. Contact Sharon Sim-Krause at or 415.658.5322 on ways you can make a difference.

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